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Since 1993
Recognised by NCISM, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. Of India, New Delhi
Affiliated to Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath AYUSH University, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Only NEET Qualified Students Should Apply.

Harnessing the Power of Unani Research: Aligarh Unani Medical College's Innovations

  • 24th March 2023

With its ancient knowledge and comprehensive approach to healthcare, unani medicine is becoming more and more well-known for its success in treating a variety of illnesses. The Aligarh Unani Medical College is a shining example of creativity, using Unani research to further medical understanding. This blog will examine the outstanding research projects carried out by Aligarh Unani Medical College, demonstrating their dedication to furthering Unani medicine and enhancing patient care.

Research Infrastructure and Facilities:

Modern research infrastructure and facilities are available at Aligarh Unani Medical College, enabling cutting-edge studies in Unani medicine. The institution is home to a committed group of faculty members and researchers who collaborate to elucidate the medicinal potential of Unani formulations and practises. These individuals also have access to well-equipped laboratories, research centres, and other resources.

Exploration of Herbal Medicines:

The study of herbal remedies is one of the main areas of Unani research at Aligarh Unani Medical College. In order to identify the active ingredients, examine the pharmacological effects, and ascertain the effectiveness of various herbs used in Unani medicine, researchers analyse their medicinal characteristics. Such studies enable the traditional usage of herbal remedies to be supported by science and pave the road for their incorporation into contemporary medical procedures.

Standardization and Quality Control:

The standardisation and quality assurance of unani formulations are stressed by the Aligarh Unani Medical College. To ensure uniformity in the content, potency, and safety of unani remedies, researchers perform studies to establish standardised techniques for their manufacturing. The dependability and reproducibility of Unani formulations are improved by this standardisation emphasis, which increases their acceptance in the medical community.

Clinical Trials and Efficacy Studies:

Aligarh Unani Medical College performs strict clinical trials and efficacy studies to verify the therapeutic efficacy of Unani remedies. These research cover a variety of patients and partnership with healthcare organisations. The college produces evidence-based data that can inform clinical decision-making and aid in the integration of Unani medicine into conventional healthcare systems by assessing the efficacy of Unani interventions in real-world settings.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange:

In order to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange, Aligarh Unani Medical College actively engages in partnerships with domestic and foreign research organisations. These collaborations support a multidisciplinary approach to Unani research by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and research results. The college expands the depth and scope of its research efforts by working with specialists from other sectors, which results in ground-breaking discoveries and breakthroughs.


The dedication of Aligarh Unani Medical College to Unani research is revolutionising Unani medicine. The college is in the forefront of harnessing the potential of Unani research through the investigation of herbal remedies, standardisation initiatives, clinical studies, and partnerships. The research results produced at Aligarh Unani Medical College add to the growing body of scientific proof proving the usefulness and safety of unani treatment. The college's continued advancement of Unani research prepares the path for a more promising future in which Unani medicine will play an even larger role in promoting patient wellbeing and enhancing healthcare results.